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Terms and Conditions


§2.1 Your username must not contain full names, middle name, last name or be a first / middle / last name combination.
§2.2 The profile name must be sober and non-offensive.
§2.3 Username must not be a web address, physical address, phone number, skype username or other similar identifying information.


Profile text
§3.1 Profile texts must not contain advertising. This includes advertising your band, guitar, blog, business, website, and other commercial or non-commercial purposes.
§3.2 Profile texts may not contain your full name or a first/middle/last name combination. Nor can it contain your address, email, phone number or other types of contact information.
§3.3 Profile texts may not contain references to, or links to, profiles you have on other websites. You also may not link to pages which reveals your full name, phone, email or any other type of contact information
§3.4 Profile texts must not contain text that can be interpreted as negative, can be injurious, defamatory or defamatory of Fjook, our advertisers, business partners or our concept.
§3.5 Profile texts must be kept in a proper and sober tone.


§4.1 Images may not contain nudity, pornography or be offensive in any way.
§4.2 Images may not contain logos, urls, advertisements, names, phone numbers or any other type of contact information.
§4.3 Do not upload fake pictures, pictures of celebrities or pictures that you do not own or have the legal right to use.
§4.4 Photos may not contain fuck fingers and other questionable, offensive hand signs.
§4.5 Pictures must be of good quality and should not be muddy, pixilated or blurry.
§4.6 Picture must clearly show your face.


§5.1 It is not allowed to send chain letters or spam (copy/paste letters with the same content to multiple users).
§5.2 It is not allowed to annoy, threaten or harass other users.
§5.3 It is not allowed to use our internal communication systems for commercial or unlawful purposes.

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